Weekend Exhale: A Smile a Day

                Comedy Wildlife Shots? Yes, sounds fun! (Check out the full collection here.) Laughing for 15 minutes burns up to 40 calories Laughing is beneficial for your short-term memory and stress levels Laughing makes you more attractive and draws you closer to others (Check out more about the benefits […]

Keep Throwing Darts

To those of you who only know me as Kristin, the professor and writer, let me tell you a secret. After college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life (other than becoming a best-selling author, which didn’t seem practical or plausible–still doesn’t, even with a book published). I was working nights […]

What’s Truth Got to Do With It?

“Nearly three out of four Americans say there is no such thing as ultimate, or absolute, truth. And the numbers don’t look much better among those who claim to follow Jesus. In a society where ultimate truth is treated like a fairy tale, an outdated idea or even an insult to human intelligence, the motto […]

Interview with TBYT

I recently had the privilege of interacting with Kimberly Taylor, the creator and author of Take Back Your Temple. She posed these questions to me: 1. What are your favorite scriptures that help you manage your emotions and why? 2. What are 3 of your best tips to help others manage their emotions in Godly ways? […]

Out with the Annual; In with the Perennial

In front of our house, equally spaced apart, sit three massive pots. Last year my man planted gorgeous knock-out roses that bloomed all season. Unfortunately, when the weather turned warm again, the dormant bushes stayed brown. After a few weeks of no production, I decided to replace them with something green and beautiful. I perused […]

Dear Momma: You are not forgotten

Dear Mom, You get up this morning, make breakfast, clean dishes, brush little teeth and wipe bottoms. You find band-aids and break up 100 fights and coach them through math problems and hard-to-read words. You prepare meals that everyone finds “disgusting” and realize you still have five loads of laundry to fold after dinner. Questions […]

Past the Flood to the Rainbow

Neighbors all throughout the Ozarks face the damaging monster of water pushing against walls, pouring in through basements, lifting trees and over-saturating the ground. Some have lost their homes. The devastation impacts us all, even if indirectly. Prior to the monsoon rains, my mom’s place encountered a few upsets: an imploded septic system and a […]