Weekend Exhale: January 13th

Well, we here in the Ozarks are truly exhaling after the predicted inch of ice missed us altogether. We barely got any rain! And with all our curvy roads and hills, that miss is a gift indeed.

Being stuck in the middle of winter, sometimes we just need these little gifts, these glimmers of something warmer and sweeter to come. On the way to Awanas Wednesday night, I noticed that the sun was still floating along the horizon–ah, yes, longer days–sweeping the sky with orange and pink. The days are stretching longer and Daylight Savings is just two months away.

Life’s joys are in the viewing. So, which lens do you use?



In January, I need a little more perspective. How about you?

I can choose to focus on what hurts or scares or I can choose to focus on the beautiful awe of what He’s placed all around me.



If you have the creative energy, take the time to notice: I fully embrace through a camera, but you can interact with the beautiful by drawing, playing music, baking
bread, or growing flowers. Currently, this lovely vase of tulips rests by my kitchen sink, a testament to a mother’s thoughtfulness and a bright ray of hope–Spring
will come again.

What inspires you and gets you through the dreary days of winter?


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