Weekend Exhale: January 28.2017

So, honestly, as passionate as I am about standing on the solid ground of truth and rallying for a moral cause, I’m exhausted by all the words on social media about right vs. left, this march vs. that march, open borders vs. closed, etc. etc. etc. I realize many of these issues carry significant weight, but most of what people are saying comes across as whiny tantrums. And with three young children of my own, I’m rather over it.  Whether you like our current ruler or not, the Lord still rules supreme and I’m just going to take a day to breathe.

God keeps asking me, “Will you praise when you are stressed? When things don’t go your way, will you still thank me? Is your worship contingent on how you feel?” Today, I don’t want to do anything but delight in what’s before me: papers to grade (work, which translates into money for bills!), children to play games with, a house to clean, a family to cook for, sunshine cast through the windows, a daughter who bakes, a son who talks a lot (thankful he has a voice…most of the time). The list goes on and on. Take what you may be dreading today and find a new way to look at it: enjoy the beautiful mess before you.

Here are a few things that should make you smile:

[Even within the cold and solitude of a monochromatic season, may you find warmth and welcome arms.]



[When I am feeble and wrinkled and no one notices me, may I still be beautiful in your eyes, my love.]




[Pugs, because they warrant sympathy and laughter. So ugly, you have to like them.]



[I’m choosing to see the messes as beautiful life around me.]



Image may contain: sky, nature and outdoor                                                                                                                                 [Sorry, I’m a sucker for puns.]

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