Ways I’ve Saved Hundreds Avoiding the Doctor’s Office

[Disclaimer: I don’t normally write about alternative health or treating your children’s ailments, like some “mommy blogs” do: that’s not the purpose of this site. However, I know how desperate some moms are to glean new insights and save money, so my hope rests in encouraging you with some ideas that have been shared with me. Please note that I am not a physician and have not been medically trained. I read books and see naturopathic doctors and am sharing what tidbits I’ve acquired over the years. It’s just my story, so please don’t hold me liable to diagnosis or heal you. Thanks. :)]

Despite the numerous viruses and diseases circulating our area, my children stayed remarkably healthy this winter. We didn’t get the flu, strep, stomach bugs or any other such nastiness. But this month, my daughter battled a violent case of food poisoning and my son contracted pink eye and got an ear infection (both thanks to being in a swimming pool all week–yuck!).  Now, before you dismiss me as a negligent mom who smokes herbs in the yard and never washes her hair, let me assure, I’m super vigilant when it comes to my kids’ health. Probably to the point of paranoia at times.

One thing I don’t readily do is rush to a doctor. Do I ever? Of course. Just last year, my daughter saw a physician and an ENT doctor, and ended up taking a potent antibiotic, but that situation isn’t the norm for us.

When my children contract various viruses and bacteria–as all children do–I consult my Prescription for Nutritional Healing book and find out what Dr. Axe and Dr. Mercola have to say.

Here are a few things I do in the following situations:

Smash the stomach bug (or food poisoning): Grape juice, room-temperature tea with honey, and activated charcoalThis potent little powder detoxes and serves as an antidote for food poisoning, stomach viruses and the like. Charcoal tablets minimize vomiting and reduce the duration of the ailment. It also acts as a offensive weapon, preventing others from catching the same virus. For adults, follow the recommended dosage; for children, open a capsule and sprinkle the equivalent of 50 mg into juice, applesauce, or yogurt). Yes, it will turn black, but it doesn’t have much of a taste.  If your child cannot keep any liquid down at all, give them 1/2 dose of children’s Benadryl (if they are old enough) and make them lay perfectly still for at least an hour (put on a movie or something). After that point, have them take small sips of sweetened tea or Gatorade (apple juice is hard on the stomach).

Another helpful tool with any virus or bacterial infection is colloidal silver. Serving as a natural antibacterial or antiviral (without the negative repercussion of an antibiotic), I have treated stomach viruses, colds, pink eye, and ear infections with this clear liquid gold (or liquid silver, as it is).

My son had pink eye last week from bacteria in a public pool: 2 drops of silver in each eye 2x a day cleared up the pus and redness in a matter of hours.

Ear infections seem to target my children. Whenever they get a cold, I start putting a drop or two of rubbing alcohol and apple cider vinegar mixture (equal parts). The alcohol dries up the liquid sitting in their ear and the vinegar kills the bacteria trying to grow. This substance also works well on an ear infection. Obviously, it won’t cure all, but 90% of the time, I’ve avoided the doctor’s office and the antibiotic.

The common cold knocks kids out more frequent than anything else (I believe the average person has about 8 a year–wow!). Anyway, aside from the alcohol/vinegar drops in the ears, I purchase Hyland’s Cold & Cough homeopathic blend (you can find it at Wal-mart). Aside from reducing the mucus and controlling the cough, it helps the kids sleep better. I also rub Vicks on their feet (seems like an old wives’ tale, but it works). Increase their vitamin C and D (in fact, most people, kids included are deficient in vitamin D, even in the summer months). The power of vitamin D on the body shouldn’t be ignored. Children can take 500-1000 IUs a day; adults should take 2000 IU (I take 4,000-5,000).


To keep my kids healthy and their immunity boosted, I make sure they wash their hands frequently, minimize sugar intake (sugar reduces your immune system’s capabilities by 75% in just a matter of hours), and increase their probiotic (Fermented foods are also a great way to ingest probiotics). As wheat and diary increase inflammation in most people (my children especially), we try to avoid those foods which tax the body further and cause inflammation in the gut and intestines. Don’t underestimate the power of vegetables and clean protein sources.

Love these ideas on keeping your child happy and healthy. Thanks, Dr. Mercola.

*I should also note that most herbal supplements and vitamins you find at Wal-mart or even Walgreens are junk; utilize Vitacost.com for high-quality sources (while cheaper than the local health-food store).

Feel free to share your own natural tips for healthy bodies.

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