You Know It’s True: Mommy Laughs to Keep From Crying

Like for real...motherhood.:

Some weeks you just wonder, “What the heck am I doing?” Check out my video from Tuesday’s Facebook confessions for a little insight into my last week–not-so-normal.

When mommyhood feels like “the hood,” you need an escape from the crazy. Please give me something to laugh about because I’m struggling here. Maybe I’ll cherish the chaos one day like these precious senior citizens that constantly tell me, “Enjoy it while you can.”  My face must look like a giant question mark. Truly?

I suppose I need a little perspective, because I don’t know what’s enjoyable about puking children, whiny complaints, torn-up books, screaming fits, sibling warfare, and crumbs all over the floor. Maybe age extends rose-colored glasses. One can hope.

Mother quotes funny mom:


(you laugh…but seriously…)

My kids funny quotes quote kids mom mother family quote family quotes funny…:

Ach, the frustrations! Or I can choose to focus on the fun and not the frustrations (yes, I realize some days prove challenging and you have to squint to find them). I’ve seen a torrent of emotion already today: temper tantrums, arguing accusations, disdain and even hatred pour from my children. Not pretty. But, I’ve also seen little glimpses of beauty that delight me. Like my little 4-year-old doing downward dog alongside me, or that same OCD child taking his trail mix and dividing out each part by type. I love the drawings of robots, fish, and carrot monsters. My other son’s thoughtfulness in bringing me flowers (even if the offering is henbit weed). My daughter running in the backyard, when three days ago she was too weak to walk to the bathroom without help.

So, if you feel squeezed and over-extended, like a Stretch Armstrong that’s lost a few limbs, here’s a word for you:

You are amazing. You are doing the hard work of raising, training, and preparing people for the real world. You are nurturing spirits and training souls for kingdom work.
Do you always get it right? Nope. As said, there’s only One Perfect Parent, and look at how messed up His kids are.

Keep pushing forward and keep praying like crazy.

You aren’t alone.

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