Dear Momma: You are not forgotten

Dear Mom,

You get up this morning, make breakfast, clean dishes, brush little teeth and wipe bottoms. You find band-aids and break up 100 fights and coach them through math problems and hard-to-read words. You prepare meals that everyone finds “disgusting” and realize you still have five loads of laundry to fold after dinner. Questions bombard you: “Is this it? What am I doing with my life? Does it even make a difference?” After telling your kids 50 times to put away their shoes, clear their plates and quit aggravating their brother and put their gum in the trash, not the table, you start to contemplate the practical necessity of a “mom recording”–10 basic phrases you repeat over and over again every. single. day. Need a lesson on sharing? Press #3. Time to clean your room? #7  Thank you. And for arguing? Perhaps a foghorn would come in handy.

You vacuum and mop the floors, shop for what you hope are healthy options, and sanitize the pee-stained floors for the third time that day (why oh why do little boys not aim?). You haven’t looked in the mirror since 7:00 that morning, but you assume your messy hair and unpainted eyes show a story of fatigue and boredom. You want to present a more alluring offering to your husband, but by 5:30, it’s slightly miraculous you aren’t bawling in the closet with the whole of dinner burned (okay, part of an edible meal is something, right?). Jeans and deodorant? Way to go! Perhaps one day you will have energy for more.

Today, you may not feel like a supermom, but you are. If you loved your kids and kept them fed and safe (ahem…scrapes don’t count, right?), you accomplished an amazing feat. If you chose to listen to her over laundry duty, you deposited a long-term investment in your daughter’s heart. If you laughed when you could have yelled. If you played a game on a toy-infested floor. If you said, “Let’s snuggle and read a book,” when you just wanted to take a shower. If you did any of those things today, you hit a grand slam. Don’t underestimate the impact of a mother doing the mundane with diligence. Sure, your emotions may be far from your actions, but persevere, Momma. You are not alone; side by side, all around the globe, other moms wrestle their will and lay down their selves to give their children the loving care they need. And more than your community, God sees you. He promises to come alongside you, equip you, and love you through the struggle.

So, with hands open and knees bent, continue doing this amazing, harder-than-you-imagined, crazy job called motherhood. You will mess up, but you are not a hopeless failure. His loving presence is sufficient to sustain you through to the finish line.

Love and hugs,



P.S. If you have a husband who tackles the sibling rivalry, washes dishes, folds laundry, and lets you sleep in on a Saturday, you have a treasure indeed! Tell him thank you today. (Thanks, Pal. You have no idea how many times you’ve saved my sanity!).


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