Weekend Exhale

How in the world does one keep up with current events–avoiding the head-in-the-sand approach–and still keep from feeling weighed down by the monstrosities going on? Amidst the horrors of racism, terrorism, trafficking, euthanasia, and other godlessness, I sometimes sigh to the heavens, “Lord, you are Lord, but what a mess we people are making of things down here.” Oh, the humanity! I know He’s working and in our midst; sometimes we have to take a breather and reflect on the good around us. And remember that what we see now isn’t all that is going on. He’s working behind the scenes and beyond the moment.


I went to college with their sister. Love the talent of this family.


Can’t wait for this movie to come out. Since it’s been a decade since I read the book, I need to pick it up again. “So in a way, we’s all homeless…just working our way toward Home.” –Denver Moore





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