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After publishing my first book last year, I felt a great relief and freedom. Whew! After the tedious editing and publishing process, I could finally exhale. Several months later when a friend directed some video footage of me and my work, she asked if I had thoughts of a “next book”. My response involved laughter and some panic. I wasn’t eager to go down that road again. I’d accomplished my lifelong goal and felt the freedom to turn my head toward other things.

Even in December when God landed a book idea in my lap, I felt content. I certainly wasn’t searching for a project and already had plenty on my plate to occupy my time. I suppose my direction sounds clichéd or even like a cop-out, but I truly feel like He inspired the ideas of this next book.

Although my middle-school chapter book hasn’t trekked through the editing gauntlet yet and I’m working on a satisfactory title, I’m excited about how this story might encourage kids to seek the truth, value people for their spirits (not their skin), recognize the value of perspective, cope with deep grief (losing a loved one) and major life changes (moving, etc.). I incorporated my own life experiences through the lens of a 12-year-old girl, but the book explores other perspectives and allows the overlap to bring deeper insights to the characters (and reader). I found much inspiration from Madeleine L’Engle, R. J. Palacio, Anne Holm, Max Lucado, and others.

My hope is to put this book into accessible format via Amazon’s self-publishing, perhaps by this summer. So, stay tuned on What We See (or whatever final title banners this book). 🙂

Also, I’m hoping to illustrate two children’s books I’ve written over the years and find a more permanent home for them. My latest children’s book, written about four years ago, is now available on Amazon. The illustrations are a random assortment of drawings done by myself, my children, and a clipart program. So, the format isn’t as professional as some, but I hope, the story will still inspire.



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