Dear Pinterest Mom,

Dear Pinterest Mom,

Yesterday I spent more time than I really had trying to get my Pinterest site caught up and more professional. Honestly, the whole process confused and exhausted me: I still don’t know how to embed a meta tag or configure my website, but anyway….  How does one navigating the sea of Pinterest without drowning in the overwhelming waves and waves of DIY projects, “easy craft projects for kids” (ahem, there is no such thing–I can prove it), and countless blog posts? Aside from the occasional exploration for a child’s birthday party, I’ve barely touched Pinterest. To do so seems like an escape into futility, losing oneself into the destructive world of comparison. If I browse for very long I start to feel like I’m failing in every area of life. Who knew I could be doing so many things insufficiently?

You don’t have to look very far to find clips of hilarious Pinterest fails. Nailed it! We chuckle because we can relate. We relate to the messed-up attempts and pat our fellow sojourners on the back and say, “Well, you tried.”

In my mind, effort is 90% of success. Whether that art project, birthday cake, or experiment turned out just right, the important thing is that you tried. And that’s what your kids will remember you for. The times you persevered and could still laugh at yourself in the end. The times when you smiled through your frustration and fatigue. The times when you were spontaneous and played, instead of stressing for perfection.

If they are like most children, your kids won’t care if they had a Pottery Barn childhood. They will remember the times when you were present, not the times they got the ultimate present (yes, the one they begged for and then forgot about in one week–yeah, that one that ended up getting donated).

They want you there to snuggle and tickle them, to laugh at their jokes and applaud their creations (no matter how confusing it may appear). They want you to be with them, not distracted by them so you can later take the perfect photo of your day.

And seriously, who has time for this nonsense?

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Let’s all take a step back from the crazy ledge and remember why we are parenting these precious people in the first place.

It’s not to have a Pinterest-worthy life. Don’t sacrifice what really matters for what doesn’t.

So, relax, take a deep breath, grab a bottle of bubbles and open a bag of cookies (yes, store-bought even) and sit outside in the sun with your kids.

Rest, listen, laugh, sigh, and snuggle.

Sincerely all things real,

a recovering perfectionist momma

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