Amusing Moments for Dad: Yes, You Are Appreciated!

Okay, let’s be real honest here: fathers often get the rotten piece of the pie. That doesn’t even make sense (who has had rotten pie?), but you know what I mean. The masses applaud moms and say, “Thanks for making the sacrifices, thanks for always being there, thanks for loving me when I wasn’t lovable,” and the tearful appreciation goes on and on. But ya know what, Dads do that too. My husband regularly comes home, physically and emotionally wiped out, but he mows the lawn, fixes the cars, trains and encourages our kids, hashes out theological questions with them, and takes the time to listen to them each night. He pursues me in conversation, play, and prayer.

For fun, I asked our children these questions about their daddy.

1. What does Dad like daydreaming about? Not having to work so much and spending more time with his family (Madeline)

2. What makes Dad happy? massages (Madeline), having dates with Mom (Landon), seeing me do funny stuff (Corbin)

3. What does Dad look forward to? retirement and heaven (M)

4. What makes Dad laugh? When Corbin says funny things (M) Yeah, when I say funny things (Corbin)

5. If Daddy was a superhero, what power would he have?  Helping people (M) He’d have Captain America powers (L & C)

6. What stresses Daddy? his work (M) our fighting…he told me it does (L)

7. Why is Daddy so great? He teaches, loves us, works so hard, gives to us, and he knows Jesus. (They talked over each other to get this one answered)

8. How do you know Dad loves you? He hugs us, kisses us, and provides for us…and he just tells us.

9. If Daddy had an extra $1000, what would he do with it? Help us (M), give to the poor  and save it (L)

10. What would Dad’s ideal day be? Sleep in and have his favorite foods (M), being with us (C), and not have to do any work… while getting a massage (L)

  • Disclaimer: My husband has never had a professional massage, but he does like a good back or foot rub from any willing family member. 😉

  • Disclaimer #2: He will be embarrassed by this post, because he’s unassuming and hates attention, but he isn’t on social media and sometimes you just have to give a shout out to the man of the house.

Maybe your husband’s absent efforts disappoint you; he’s hardly present or intentional or he’s too harsh. If so, try to find something that he does well (even if it’s not yelling at the kids) and encourage him in that endeavor. Appreciation does more to motivate parents than criticism. I can feel like I’ve wrecked the day, lost my patience, and my 100x repetitious training has bounced off ears and gone down the hall, but when my husband comes home and says things like, “YOU deserve a medal. Thank you for all you do,” I nearly cry. I want to rise to his confidence in me.

So, make a list, praise the daddy(s) in your life with thanks, and let them know, “You truly are amazing!”

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