My March Reads

This month and the next will be demanding more of my time than usual, but I’m still trying to get some good books in–often from 10:30-midnight. 🙂

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  • The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi by Kathie Lee Gifford, with Rabbi Jason Sobel, takes you through Israel to the various places mentioned in Scripture and gives new perspective and insight into the Bible through the eyes of a Messianic Jew. The parables, methods, and life of Christ take on deeper meaning and even made this preacher girl say, “Wow, really?” NF
Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God is Speaking
  • Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God is Speaking by Priscilla Shirer isn’t just another “How to Find God’s Will” book. Shirer gives practical steps to apply a person’s heart and mind to walk in step with the Savior. Each chapter ends with a bullet-pointed summary of challenges and everything points the reader back to Scripture as the foundation for all truth. Shirer offers the 5 M’s to help a follower discern the voice of God:
  1. Look for the MESSAGE of the Spirit.
  2. Search the MODEL of Scripture for guidance.
  3. Live in the MODE of prayer.
  4. Submit to the MINISTRY of Eli.
  5. Expect the MERCY of confirmation.

And this question prompt has lingered with me as well: “Which option will cause God to be most glorified and enable me to know Him in a way I might not otherwise get to?” (Shirer, 164). I recommend this book for all those who desire to align their thoughts and decisions to those of their Lord. NF

The Painter's Daughter  -     By: Julie Klassen

* The Painter’s Daughter by Julie Klassen is a frivolous novel that captures the theme of redemptive love and that selfless care paints a better romance than passionate indulgence. Set in the cliffs of England’s seaside, during the time of England’s war against Napoleon in the early 1800’s, Klassen’s theme mirrors the attitude of Christ–a willingness to give up one’s life for the betterment of someone else. F

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*My Story by Elizabeth Smart isn’t a book I recommend reading at night, especially if you have young children. After reading for an hour, I had to get up and recheck the locks in our house again and pray. To think that someone could/would break into a safe and loving home and steal a 14-year-old girl out of her bed by knife point–a bed she shared with a sister no less–and make her hike up a mountain the whole night to “marry” her and then repeatedly rape her makes me want to scream, cry and wrap my children in my arms. The evil astounds me. And yet, I see a story of redemption. Elizabeth didn’t let the experience forever damage who she was or where her life would go. She’s married with children and has become an advocate for children, promoting legislation to help prevent abductions and enact recovery programs. NF

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