My April Reads

I’ve been reading several historical books and memoirs lately, none of which leave me with a smile. Enlightening? Yes. Lightening? No.

Because of all the stress I was wrestling through in my reality, I decided this month, I needed to use my April reads to escape and laugh. Well, I made this declaration after starting Joel. C. Rosenberg’s captivating novel, The Auschwitz Escape. My adrenal glands needed the break.

Image result for Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering

I’ve read nearly all of Julianna Deering’s novels and they are a delightful escape into England circa 1930s. Imagine inviting Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, and C.S. Lewis to tea and you have the flavor of Deering. I recommend starting with her first one, Rules of Murder. F

Image result for Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

Oh my word, if you think Jim Gaffigan is hilarious, you will love this book! I sputtered and snorted through the whole thing. (Disclaimer: If you find cuss words offensive, be warned there’s a handful of them sprinkled throughout the text.) I borrowed the book, but the audiobook is read by Gaffigan and I’m sure is even more humorous because of it. Either way, you are in for a laugh. NF

Image result for Dick Van Dyke My lucky Life in and out of show business

I usually shy away from celebrity memoirs, as they leave me repulsed and disillusioned, but Dick Van Dyke’s life story inspires readers to see the beauty in a life well lived, free from scandal and wrapped in a good sense of humor and resilience to life’s hurdles. From the Dick Van Dyke Show to Mary Poppins to Murder 101, I’ve always admired this guy, and I do even more so now. NF

Image result for timothy keller god's wisdom for navigating life pdf

As Keller’s book takes me a year to navigate Proverbs, I’m not finished with this book, but I highly recommend it. Each Proverb gives a page or two of insightful devotional study and a prayer and I’ve already been knocked over numerous times by Keller’s perception. NF

Image result for good prose by tracy kidder and richard todd

If you aren’t an English nerd like me, you may not appreciate the tales woven throughout this helpful text, but I laughed out loud on more than one occasion, and learned some helpful tips along the way too. NF

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