What Can I Do With My ‘Today’? When You Feel Overwhelmed By Change

I wrote a letter to my daughter this morning. I do it every year around her birthday, so yes, I was tardy this trip around the sun, but it still got done in 2019. Since she doesn’t read my blog, I don’t have to worry about her finding out–unless you leak it, but you won’t do that, right? 🙂 One day, when my girl packs up and leaves this house–sooner than I’ll be ready for I’m sure–I’ll hug her and hand her the stack of letters I’ve kept safe. In them, she’ll find assessments from each year: sweet memories, conversations, heartaches, concerns, celebrations, proud moments, prayer moments and more. She’ll be reassured that even when I messed up or yelled, she sassed and I wondered, “Does she even like me?” that I did–DO–love her fiercely.

I didn’t write letters for the boys, which naturally, I feel guilty about. My OCD says it’s too late to start, but that’s just ridiculous, isn’t it? Perhaps when they each turn 13? Who cares? I could start next year. I could start today. That’s the beauty of change. You don’t need trumpets or a highlighted calendar day or even a huge block of time. We don’t have to wait for 2020 or January or warmer months or a less-busy season (because let’s face the facts: that ain’t coming anyway). You just have to make the decision that today is the day.

Today is the day.

 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end;
 they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV).

These verses give me so much hope because I need a ton of grace. every. single. day. I am not that courageous; most of the time I’m gripped by terror. I hate doing things I am not comfortable doing–fearful I will fail. Change may feel exciting at times, but there’s still the discomfort of the unknown and the force that says, “This could be messy and even painful. Let’s just say in the stagnant that we know.”

If change feels overwhelming to you, recognize that no one eats a whole meal in one bite or crosses a bridge in one step. Just move forward. What is the next thing you want to tackle? How can you move closer to that end goal?

*Want to lose weight and get healthier? Cut back on sugar. Or add in a work-out 3x a week. Switch out sweet tea for water. Eat fewer hamburgers. Pick one thing and start there (don’t try to do it all today…or even this week).

*Wanted to reconnect with that friend? Make it happen. Even if you have 10 minutes. Call. Email. Send a letter (those are the best surprises!). Text them a quick “Thinking of you. Glad you are in my life.” It literally takes 2 minutes and will make their day brighter.

*Need to regain control of your finances? If revamping your whole budget feels overwhelming, start by cutting down on one extraneous expenditure. Eat out less. Watch Redbox instead of going to the theatre. Eat rice and beans one night a week.

*The house clutter suffocating you? You may not have the time to go Marie Kondo on it, but you can organize your desk or clean out your pantry or toss out old clothes. Choose one and go from there. The first step is the hardest, but each one gives us more strength and courage.

Change is about Choice.

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Instead of just letting life happen to us, we take a more proactive stance and walk through life with purpose. We CHOOSE to live life a certain way, so the next time you are tempted to say, “I’m just too busy,” or “I don’t have time for that,” recognize that we all fill up our lives with things we’ve said ‘yes’ to. How can you turn the direction of your life? Steer the ship one degree at a time. You can do this! You aren’t alone. I am cheering for you!

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