Do You Miss Connecting with People Too?

Today I had the rare privilege to meet another precious mom friend and together we indulged by swimming in an indoor pool with our kids. The kids laughed and played and wore themselves out and I got to share heart-to-heart connection with a soul sister. What an incredible treat it was–blessed us in mind, body, and soul. And I’ve been thinking lately–in the midst of this COVID-19 distancing–how many people are struggling and feeling isolated and alone.

–Some mommas aren’t enjoying this as much as others (kudos to you if you are), but many of us are feeling a little miffed with the weather that doesn’t even permit outdoor play or a break from the fighting, talking, or screaming. The Yellow Wallpaper comes to mind. Wink if you get that literary reference. Even if the walls aren’t driving you mad, you may still need a few helpful tips for bonding and keeping your kids occupied. I know I do!

–Some single people are suffocating in this forced rhythm of separation. You already live alone and staying home by yourself sounds like some kind of rare Chinese torture (sorry, couldn’t help myself). You need to know that you are still important, still connected and still very much loved.

–Some of you are dipping down into waters of anxiety and depression. The rainy weather, the fear of the unknown, and this dreadful disease only exasperates the mental struggles. You need to know you are heard. You are understood and surrounded by others who “get it”, my friend. You need a little encouragement, peace, and gentle truth.

If you want to connect with us, please find our private group on FB, called Encouraging Community During Social Distancing (yeah, I know…the title is long).

This is NOT a place to rant about politics or post articles about what might/could happen in the future. This is a place to encourage, to edify, to inspire, and to bond with others via technology. No, it’s not the ideal format, but this something is better than a lot of nothings, no?

We would love to have you join us tonight (FRI) at 9:00 for a live video intro and ways to connect, so please don’t leave me hanging by myself. I want to hear from you too. Later, we might try to do some Zoom chats with more than one friend. “See” you then!!

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