Weekend Exhale: Body & Soul

How ya holding up, friend? Is the cabin fever spiking? How about those walls? Do they seem to be shrinking in? Have you redone your landscaping and organized your pantry yet? I have a friend who is making it her goal to wash every window in her house (she has three times as many as I do). Don’t only focus on those forgotten lists though. Your spirit needs reprieve as well.

I hope you are taking time to say, “whoa, let’s go for a walk.” Or “How about a picnic in the backyard?”

As I write, my kids are eating lunch in the backyard at the picnic table and swinging in the hammock. Thank the Lord for the gift of this spring weather!

Other than my whole social calendar clearing (no co-ops, events, church, playdates, etc.) not much has changed for me. I am still working from home and teaching my kids. But, some of you are homeschooling and didn’t sign up for that craziness.

When schools move to virtual learning and home school is now required

I want to be compassionate and pat you on the back, but I’m not that humble. Sorry. I’m more like:

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and meme, possible text that says 'PERCEPTION OF HOMESCHOOL MOMS LAST WEEK PERCEPTION OF HOMESCHOOL MOMS NOW'

Even so, it takes adjusting for sure. The first few years I homeschooled were rather brutal. You will get through it though, I promise.

In the mean time, take advantage of that hubs being home (even if it’s only for an hour). Or put a movie on for your kids; they will survive, I promise. You need to remain sane. Get outside by yourself, take a drive alone in the van with no noise, get in the bath and lock the door, do yoga on a blanket in the backyard. We–well, the normal human, non-superhero-types–need a break from kids. You don’t want to end up like…

This llama is stressed because she just found out she has a bunch of cavities.

Watch funny animal videos. Seriously. It will change your mood. You will laugh. It’s good for you.

Work outs to Amazon Prime stations (one of my favs is the Fireflight Station, Skillet Station, or 90s Alternative/Grudge) Find a motivating one and get on Youtube for some fun work-outs. Zumba Strong and FitSugar are two of my favorites.

Watch an old classic movie. Jimmy Stewart, Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Jerry Lewis, Cary Grant… come on. Who can beat a Hitchcock script and Grace Kelly?


For date night, my hubs and I watched Lover Come Back with Doris Day and Rock Hudson while the kids watched something in the other room. Good grief, I had seen the film as a child, but who knew an early-60’s movie could have so much innuendo? Risque. 😉

Get outside! Buy a hammock or new outdoor equipment (disk golf, volleyball net, bocce ball, etc.). This nylon hammock is $20 on Amazon.

MalloMe Double & Single Portable Camping Hammock - Parachute Lightweight Nylon with Hammok Tree Straps Set- 2 Person Equipment Kids Accessories Max 1000 lbs Breaking Capacity - Free 2 Carabiners

This would be anything but simple, but I totally want a bowling alley in my backyard. How cool is this? I know, I’m a nerd.

How To Build Your Own Backyard Bowling Alley - Simplemost

And now I want this too.

Douglas Larson of Salt Lake City turned a falling-apart trampoline pit into a fabulous outdoor lounge. See how here.

Okay, back on track.

Make candles:

Natural Soy Candle Making Class in Los Angeles, CA

You can’t see your hair stylist, so learn to do hair yourself…until they can fix everything for you and then go back and tip them big. 😉 Just don’t do model after this dad; that’s just disgusting.

Do a Chopped Challenge with 4 pantry items for each team. Give it a time requirement and judge based on creativity, taste, and presentation. Have someone record the whole experience.

What Chopped will never tell you on air

Play a game over Zoom, FB Video or Skype. Family Feud, Quixx, Scattergories, Pictionary, or Greedy come to mind.

Learn to play an instrument. Well…on second thought, you are cooped up with your family, so maybe spare them… This might not be the ideal time to learn the tuba. 😉

As a family, write a play, a song, or a storybook together. Illustrate, act out, or sing it when you are done.

Learn the art of beat-boxing.

Find a new group to appreciate.

Inspire someone to do something new with this time. Make it work for you; don’t just wait for it to all “get back to normal.” Find a new normal and enjoy the journey.

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