The Freedom of Open Hands

My family and I moved this month. Four weeks ago when we put our house on the market, we weren’t certain our house would sell or even what we would do long-term if it did. We knew we’d have a roof overhead and warm beds, but we weren’t exactly sure what God’s next step would be for us–we still aren’t sure. But here’s the beautiful revelation: my husband and I don’t feel this anxious urge to figure it all out right now. And that, my friend, is not normal. Between the two of us, we are forward-thinking planners, change-is-challenging researchers, and yet, God led both us in separate ways and in unity to say, “It’s time to sell our beloved home,” when the only step we could see was that one. So, after 15 years of memory-making in the house my dad built for us, we talked to a realtor, and one week later, we had a contract. Each step of the process felt like God’s detailed direction and a peace settled over us that truly does surpass understanding.

My friend Amy asked me this week what my dreams and ideas were, and I told her that as bizarre as it is for me, I don’t have many. I am holding my palms up and saying, “God, what is your vision for us? What would you like us to do?” Rather than my usual mode of operation, “Here’s my plan. Will you please bless it?”

If this year has taught us anything–and it’s revealed plenty–it’s that we need to put God’s voice above all the others. His purpose and plans are the ones that will prevail and we need to be sure we are fighting on the right team. Years ago, Henry Blackaby encouraged seekers that wished to experience God on a deeper level to look where He was working and join Him. The same holds true in all areas of life. Our Creator, Redeemer, Father is always active building, restoring, and loving people back to Him. How can our decisions draw us closer to His heart and hands? And in turn, how do our actions draw us further away to the heart of the world? What am I aligning with right now?

Our family doesn’t know yet what the future holds, but no one does. Control remains a deluding allusion, and the sooner we realize that truth, the sooner we will grow in trust.

Back in January, the Lord gave me the banner word victory for the year, and even though the first six months felt anything but victorious, God continued to weed out the areas of my heart that were weighed down by bondage. I know I still have a long way to go in my faith journey–it’s still much too anemic–but God has graciously bestowed on me a deeper faith. And here’s the humbling part: that trust growth was a merciful gift as well.

May your faith continue to grow. May you realize the deep purpose and bold courage the Spirit has equipped you to walk in. And may we never lose sight of why we are here, eyes lifted up and hands held open to His will.

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