Pivotal Turning Point for the American Church: How Will We Respond?

I didn’t live through the 60’s, but those who did say that even that time wasn’t as polarizing as we’re experiencing now. Of course, we didn’t have the Internet and social media and biased “news” sources to help fan the flames of violent division, but even so, people could disagree with one another in more polite terms than they seem capable of now. The standard procedure for varying perspectives seems to lead to riots, hate-speech, and flagrant disrespect. We seem to have lost our ability to argue a point without dishonoring the person we disagree with.

Even within the church, we see polarized frustrations. Those that see a situation differently–often surrounding the so-called pandemic–are shamed or labeled for being too this or too that. We have forgotten our primary mission: to glorify God by loving Him and others, leading them to the truth of the Gospel. But, we unravel over the unessentials and judge and dismiss those who are not handling the situation the way we deem necessary.

So, we are left with this interesting irony: in a world of subjective truth, where opinion becomes fact and true facts have no place, we are all only permitted one way of thinking, responding, and speaking…or else.

In a world that screams for tolerance, we are more intolerant than ever.

I have no idea what tomorrow’s revelation will be, but God knows. He’s already in all of our tomorrows and nothing surprises or disrupts His control. He is still on the throne, regardless of who rules our country, and He is still completely trustworthy. We don’t have to quake or shake. We don’t have to spew or spit. We don’t have to raise our voice or our hands. Do we stand for truth? Absolutely! But do so with compassion and a heart that cares about the hearer. Do we vote? Yes, we vote! It’s our responsible privilege to do so. We speak (when led). We pray. We encourage. We challenge. But first and foremost, we trust God and we rest in Him.

“The remarkable thing about God is that when you fear God, you fear nothing else, whereas if you do not fear God, you fear everything else.”

― Oswald Chambers

Regardless of the election results, may we, as believers, come back to a place of single-mindedness, obedient to the Lord’s voice (not man’s) and submissive to His steps. May we zoom back to the Great Commission and be unified under our common purpose in Christ, laying aside our subversive and superfluous side-bar ideas, remembering why we are here and Who we belong to. Let’s run the right race. To God be the glory.

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