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In this interview, Kristin shares her background and the inspiration for her published book "Navigating a Sea of Emotions".


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Kristin reads an excerpt from her book and shows the seashells and pictures that tell a part of her story.



Navigating a Sea of Emotions

When the world says, “Let your emotions lead you,” we as Christ-followers must find a different course, navigating through the minor whirlpools, unpredictable winds, and sometimes ferocious hurricanes. Christ’s words and actions guide our ships into deeper waters and beyond to the other shore.

This book explores scriptural anchoring points, personality influence, and past experiences to give us a new vision of the weighted tension between letting loose with our feelings or cinching up and ignoring them altogether. As human beings, we are created with emotional dimension, and within Christ, we are called to surrender these feelings, using them in a healthy and biblical way.

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What people are saying about Navigating a Sea of Emotions:

Navigating a Sea of Emotions is a must for those interested in examining emotions and the role they play in our daily lives. I love Kristin's vulnerable way of sharing her own personal walk and struggles with emotions. This book is humorous, informative and will point you to God's Word and His transforming love, mercy and grace. I'm always encouraged in my walk with Christ by her personal blogs and now this book! --Vicki

Navigating a Sea of Emotions is a very relatable, encouraging, and biblical resource for women like me who need help navigating our emotions. Kristin's personal stories had me laughing out loud and her writing style made it easy for me to hear God speaking to the deep, hidden places of my heart. This is a treasure I highly recommend to women for personal devotions or group study.

Kristin Hanley writes with vulnerability, passion and purpose. This book acts like a mirror. Kristin's authentic approach causes me to be honest with myself. Kristin uses God's Word with accuracy to provide a baseline as we process our emotions in a godly way. Specifically, I see this book having a powerful impact on moms. 


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Leah used to think her parents hung the stars, but now it seems like the constellations are falling out of place (moving homes, losing friends, and dealing with the heartbreak of something much worse). Despite the numerous shooting stars overhead, she can't even make a wish. Well, she has one, but that one won't be coming true. How can Leah regain hope and what does it mean to find treasure at home?



A Pendant's Promise is a children's book, written and illustrated by Kristin and now available on Amazon.

Join Dominic as he sets off on his journey, discovering the power and significance of his father’s mysterious gift. Who will he meet and how will he learn what matters most? What exactly do the words on the pendant mean and why are they so valuable?

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