The Danger of Propaganda and Dismissing Free Speech/Press

If you had told me twelve months ago that our current president of the United States would be banned from all social platforms, unable to communicate with the American people, barely covered by the “news” sources, and so publicly hated by the Congress mob, I would have scoffed. Not in America, surely. We value our […]

The Purpose of Silence

For the last four years, our homeschool family has gathered with other families to teach, learn, and grow together. Each mom takes time weaving in her personal touches to the lesson, whether it’s history, science, art, music, or Latin. My friend Dinah teaches the music portion, explaining the notes and beats of a musical composition. […]

5 Aspects of American Culture that Have No Place in the Heart of a Christian

ENTITLEMENT & FOMO: If I was forced to peg a transitional date, I’d say 8-10 years ago was when I started noticing the entitlement attitude bleed into generations normally responsible and others-focused. In the academic world, I’ve dealt with the millennial crutch of “you owe it to me” for as long as I’ve been teaching. […]

Pivotal Turning Point for the American Church: How Will We Respond?

I didn’t live through the 60’s, but those who did say that even that time wasn’t as polarizing as we’re experiencing now. Of course, we didn’t have the Internet and social media and biased “news” sources to help fan the flames of violent division, but even so, people could disagree with one another in more […]

Fall Reads: Because We All Need a Break and a Little Perspective

It’s easy into today’s climate to fixate our attention on the media, social networks, or the latest numbers from the CDC, and we wonder when the volcano is going to blow. With politics and pandemics swirling hot lava around our feet, we might feel a little too indifferent or even neglectful to read anything that […]

Scary Increases & How to Combat The Deterioration of Relationships

COVID-19 and all the shelter-at-home ordinances and cancelled events and lay-offs has led to many people spending a lot of extra time at home…with–one would hope–loved ones. But for many, the increased time with family members didn’t lead to deeper relationships but to divorce. During COVID, divorce rates increased 34%. Sadly, many people just couldn’t […]

The Dangers of Romans 13 Overshadowing the Rest of the New Testament’s Message

We are all capable–and probably do–of taking Scripture out of context or making one passage more weighty than another. Even Satan himself used the Words of God to try to lure Jesus in the wilderness. The best way to interpret Scripture is with Scripture. If a message seems to go against the theme threaded through the whole Gospels, we probably need to keep reading.