June & July Reads

I don’t normally read romances (not since high school anyway), but this cover doesn’t do justice to the content of this book. In fact, I almost didn’t read it because of the cover. However, I’d read a Hauck novel several years back about a the history of a wedding dress and enjoyed it. Although I […]

My April Reads

I’ve been reading several historical books and memoirs lately, none of which leave me with a smile. Enlightening? Yes. Lightening? No. Because of all the stress I was wrestling through in my reality, I decided this month, I needed to use my April reads to escape and laugh. Well, I made this declaration after starting […]

My January Reads

No matter how crammed my life may get, I always set aside time for reading. It’s my oldest and dearest hobby, and this year, I told myself, “Let’s try to read 50 books.” Thanks to the Missouri loaning library, I’ve already logged 5 titles on my Kindle. Here they are: 1.Present Over Perfect by Shauna […]