How to be a Friend to an EGR

Whether we’re talking about a church, Bible-study group, work environment, or school setting, nearly every crowd has at least one E.G.R. (Extra Grace Required). You know the one: dominates the conversation, always has the right answer, never lets others talk, or feels the need to ramble on and on about their personal problems. In other […]

Caution: Authenticity vs. Oversharing

A few nights ago, I sat outside with some long-time friends, talking about kids and life. The question was posed, “How does a parent teach a child to be honest without disclosing too much (especially negative stuff) to everyone?” One friend shared this insight, “You have to discern whether the person asking ‘how you are’ […]

Anesthetizing with the Box

Although people claim they are more busy than ever before–soccer games, violin lessons, swim meets, church, volunteering, committees, and overtime–on average, we somehow manage to watch 4-5 hours of tv a day! Back when our grandparents were doing life, television remained a novelty, turned on for specific times, when the more important things were done. […]

Erin Go Bragh but Forever His

Whew, all those words and harmonies. Love the tradition and passion of Irish songs, do you? My family weaves together from German and Irish roots, made of Kuenzles, Guenzlers, Mitchells, and Shannons. Now married into the Hanley clan (originally with an O’ at the beginning), my connection to Ireland grows deeper still. Fourteen years have […]

The Beauty of a Circle

Today I get to share the words of a creative soul sister, Lindsey H.: she’s a writer, photographer, pianist, and lover of Creation. All the photos shared in this post are her stunning work.  She writes… When I saw the Facebook post that I had been randomly selected in Kristin’s drawing, I actually chuckled out […]

I’ll Be There

During a recent conversation with my baby brother–actually, he is a grown man now–we discussed the frustrating dilemma of feeling like few people value loyalty or follow-through anymore. We aren’t talking about marriage here, or the lack of commitment in dating relationships; we are just pondering the words that people speak without true regard. “I’ll be there.” […]

Becoming the Weak

My youngest nephew isn’t one yet, but his chunky little legs endeavor to get him around from point A to point B. He pulls himself up and coasts on furniture, but his body hasn’t yet grasped how to take steps. Even so, every time he stumbles, he learns something about gravity, balance, and endurance. And with that […]

Vests and Black Sheep

I’m reading a book and connecting to a sister that can relate to some of my raw, hidden wounds. Suddenly, I’m in  Mrs. Powell’s 6th-grade class a, proud of wearing my new purple silk shirt with a vest; I feel like a princess as I admire the intricate design and deep colors and a fleeting […]