To See Through Me To Something More Glorious

Scientific Name : Diphylleia grayi This flower is called a skeleton flower because its petals turn crystal clear when they make contact with water. When dry, the flower is white in color! When the Living Water of Christ pours over our lives, we become transparent and clear. People can see through our flaws to something […]

My April Reads

I’ve been reading several historical books and memoirs lately, none of which leave me with a smile. Enlightening? Yes. Lightening? No. Because of all the stress I was wrestling through in my reality, I decided this month, I needed to use my April reads to escape and laugh. Well, I made this declaration after starting […]

Getting Your Kids to Think Deeper

The things my children say–and I in response to them–would never have crossed my imagination prior to having offspring of my own. You just can’t believe the quirky quips they toss….without even trying. At lunch time last week, my youngest–and most talkative–assessed the items on his plate. “What is this orange thing here?”My response: “Um, […]