Erin Go Bragh but Forever His

Whew, all those words and harmonies. Love the tradition and passion of Irish songs, do you? My family weaves together from German and Irish roots, made of Kuenzles, Guenzlers, Mitchells, and Shannons. Now married into the Hanley clan (originally with an O’ at the beginning), my connection to Ireland grows deeper still. Fourteen years have […]

Where Am I?

It seems only natural in January to talk about identity and evaluating goals and all that not-so-fun stuff. Starting a new class session with 29 students–most of them older than me–I hear a lot of comments like, “I never thought this is where I’d be.” As is fitting to the online flexibility, many of my […]

A new year for…

Not sure what your emotional response is when I say, “New Year’s Resolutions,” but the spectrum is broad. Some dismiss the lists with disdain. Some panic and stress. Some laugh and joke. And some will focus and determine to make things different this year. Whether you give resolutions thought or not, we all recognize that a […]

Vests and Black Sheep

I’m reading a book and connecting to a sister that can relate to some of my raw, hidden wounds. Suddenly, I’m in  Mrs. Powell’s 6th-grade class a, proud of wearing my new purple silk shirt with a vest; I feel like a princess as I admire the intricate design and deep colors and a fleeting […]

Is This Really Happening?

Five lively and beautiful children crowd the living room floor, building railroads, cabins and towers with blocks and such. Our background music is tuned to the Irish Christmas station, and I’m researching the book pricing market for non-fiction. And then I have one of those distancing thoughts: is this really happening?