When You Feel Forgotten

This admission embarrasses me, but in an attempt to certify my understanding, I’ll share it: as a kid I craved popularity. I didn’t just desire to be one of the “in” chicks, but I wanted to be liked by everyone. I wanted my parents to enjoy me as well as my peers. Maybe I craved […]

Play It Again, Sam

I’m over at my mom’s house, introducing an 80’s movie to my kids. Though the VHS is old and cheesy, my children enjoy the adventure of the story and revel in the experience of watching something I did as a child. After the film is over, I snatch kids and put on shoes, trying to […]

Dear Tired One, Rest.

Last week I wrote a post, exploring some aspects of spiritual warfare (and how to fight it). Obviously, one can’t begin to span the depths in a few hundred words, but sometimes we just need a handlebar to grab into–some truth to motivate us onward. A friend thanked me for the reminders and I tried […]

Keep Throwing Darts

To those of you who only know me as Kristin, the professor and writer, let me tell you a secret. After college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life (other than becoming a best-selling author, which didn’t seem practical or plausible–still doesn’t, even with a book published). I was working nights […]

Out with the Annual; In with the Perennial

In front of our house, equally spaced apart, sit three massive pots. Last year my man planted gorgeous knock-out roses that bloomed all season. Unfortunately, when the weather turned warm again, the dormant bushes stayed brown. After a few weeks of no production, I decided to replace them with something green and beautiful. I perused […]

Past the Flood to the Rainbow

Neighbors all throughout the Ozarks face the damaging monster of water pushing against walls, pouring in through basements, lifting trees and over-saturating the ground. Some have lost their homes. The devastation impacts us all, even if indirectly. Prior to the monsoon rains, my mom’s place encountered a few upsets: an imploded septic system and a […]