Weekend Exhale

How in the world does one keep up with current events–avoiding the head-in-the-sand approach–and still keep from feeling weighed down by the monstrosities going on? Amidst the horrors of racism, terrorism, trafficking, euthanasia, and other godlessness, I sometimes sigh to the heavens, “Lord, you are Lord, but what a mess we people are making of […]

Caution: Authenticity vs. Oversharing

A few nights ago, I sat outside with some long-time friends, talking about kids and life. The question was posed, “How does a parent teach a child to be honest without disclosing too much (especially negative stuff) to everyone?” One friend shared this insight, “You have to discern whether the person asking ‘how you are’ […]

Anesthetizing with the Box

Although people claim they are more busy than ever before–soccer games, violin lessons, swim meets, church, volunteering, committees, and overtime–on average, we somehow manage to watch 4-5 hours of tv a day! Back when our grandparents were doing life, television remained a novelty, turned on for specific times, when the more important things were done. […]

Dear Tired One, Rest.

Last week I wrote a post, exploring some aspects of spiritual warfare (and how to fight it). Obviously, one can’t begin to span the depths in a few hundred words, but sometimes we just need a handlebar to grab into–some truth to motivate us onward. A friend thanked me for the reminders and I tried […]

Weekend Exhale: Summer Book Reads

On occasion, I recommend books. Obviously, if you don’t share my love of mysteries, poetic prose, or philosophical novels, you may not appreciate these reads like I do, but I’m a rather eclectic reader, so I’d hope there would be something for everyone. On a side note, I never quite grasped the “beach read” concept. […]

Weekend Exhale: A Smile a Day

                Comedy Wildlife Shots? Yes, sounds fun! (Check out the full collection here.) Laughing for 15 minutes burns up to 40 calories Laughing is beneficial for your short-term memory and stress levels Laughing makes you more attractive and draws you closer to others (Check out more about the benefits […]