Is December 25th for the Pagans or Christians?

The perils of doing yoga have flooded the news this fall. Pastors and Christian leaders have declared yoga an evil practice because of its pagan origins.¬† I’d agree that using certain words (namaste, om, etc.) and emptying the mind or worshiping the sun god with mantras is absolutely counter to our beliefs and dangerous to […]

Do You Hate Winter and Dread Monday?

If you hate winter and dread Mondays, you might need a little dreary-day cheer today. Maybe you are just S.A.D. and need a little more sunlight and exercise. Please, if your situation is leading to depression (apathy, hopelessness, irritability, sleep abnormalities, loss of energy and guilt), consult a doctor or counselor immediately. Honestly, sometimes I […]

And to all a Goodnight: Tips to Sleeping Better

Gayle Greene, author of¬†Insomniac, says that “sleep is the fuel of life. It’s nourishing; it’s restorative. And when you are deprived of it, you are really deprived of a basic kind of sustenance.” Although we’d rank sleep up there with water, food, and shelter, we often act like it’s the least important–easily dismissed–aspect of our […]

Ways I’ve Saved Hundreds Avoiding the Doctor’s Office

[Disclaimer: I don’t normally write about alternative health or treating your children’s ailments, like some “mommy blogs” do: that’s not the purpose of this site. However, I know how desperate some moms are to glean new insights and save money, so my hope rests in encouraging you with some ideas that have been shared with […]