Marks of a Healthy Teenager

A hundred years ago, the term teenager wasn’t used—at least not in everyday circles. Instead, people were either children or adults, usually distinguished by marriage and/or “leaving the farm”. With the Industrial Revolution and mandatory high-school attendance, the gap years between 12 and 20 became something more significant. Now, teens could choose to go work […]

Doing Nothing

I’m reading though a book, taking notes and prepping for a possible creative-writing course for the next school year. My daughter, fixing and fiddling in the kitchen, asks her brother a question, “What’s Dad doing?” “Oh, nothing,” is his response. He returns to his drawing. “Nothing?” she asks.“Well, he’s playing chess online,” he clarifies. And […]

Deborah, Abigail, Esther, Xena, and Other Warrior Princesses, This is for You

My parents raised a good, Christian girl–a homeschooled, preacher’s kid for the first 16 years of my life (I found a lot of identity in that label). I understood the Mary and Martha illustration better than most and knew that a pure life was the highest calling. On the flip side, I was naive, easily […]

Grabbing the Unraveled Threads

Haven’t written much lately. Haven’t much felt like it. Can you relate to the mood? December brought Covid, cancelled holidays, nearly a month of quarantining and an ER and hospital stay. As soon as that “was over”, I had to jump back into work, teaching, co-op, and the kids’ schedule. I don’t think my spirit […]

Judging Motive

Laughing with her husband arm-in-arm, she seemed to waltz across the floor, red heels and curled highlights. Who wears that to the doctor’s office, let alone exudes such boisterous distraction? [I bet she takes a hundred selfies a week and spends more money on jewelry and manicures a month than I have in the last decade. Doesn’t she….