The Beauty of a Circle

Today I get to share the words of a creative soul sister, Lindsey H.: she’s a writer, photographer, pianist, and lover of Creation. All the photos shared in this post are her stunning work.  She writes… When I saw the Facebook post that I had been randomly selected in Kristin’s drawing, I actually chuckled out […]

Recovering AA Member

Everyone has at least one of these people in their life (maybe more…all the more pity, my friend); you know who I’m referring to. That one person who feels the need to correct or critique your life, as if your words and actions were an open invitation for their opinion. Didn’t say something just right? […]

The who, what and why of my book

Confession time: my skills reside in written communication while oral presentations prove more challenging. However, when you write a book and launch it, people inevitably ask the dreaded question: what is it about? They actually expect you to be able to talk about it. Crazy, I know. Laugh, if you will, but I always stumble […]

My Fractured Path

Those dear friends in my listening circle already know I’ve been walking through the desert lately. Life seems to stretch as an empty wasteland of fatigue and frustration and insecurities. I feet stumble with trepidation. Even though I know I’m not alone, I can echo David’s lament in Psalm 102:6-7. In a fit of anger, […]

Getting Honest

As my kids are all under the age of 10, honesty isn’t at a deficit in our house. My three-year-old may occasionally fib about eating an extra piece of candy or breaking his brother’s Legos, but for the most part, my children tell me exactly what happened. I realize teenagers are more prone to deception or silence, […]