How to be a Friend to an EGR

Whether we’re talking about a church, Bible-study group, work environment, or school setting, nearly every crowd has at least one E.G.R. (Extra Grace Required). You know the one: dominates the conversation, always has the right answer, never lets others talk, or feels the need to ramble on and on about their personal problems. In other […]

Staying Calm in a Chaotic Situation

!!The power of overreacting!! For years it has irritated my husband and me how kids’ television shows promote this idea of escalated feelings. You hear such things like the following: Oh, no, what will we do! We have a really big problem.  Really?  What are we talking about here? I realize these shows are trying […]

Interview with TBYT

I recently had the privilege of interacting with Kimberly Taylor, the creator and author of Take Back Your Temple. She posed these questions to me: 1. What are your favorite scriptures that help you manage your emotions and why? 2. What are 3 of your best tips to help others manage their emotions in Godly ways? […]

Dear Momma: You are not forgotten

Dear Mom, You get up this morning, make breakfast, clean dishes, brush little teeth and wipe bottoms. You find band-aids and break up 100 fights and coach them through math problems and hard-to-read words. You prepare meals that everyone finds “disgusting” and realize you still have five loads of laundry to fold after dinner. Questions […]

The Beauty of a Circle

Today I get to share the words of a creative soul sister, Lindsey H.: she’s a writer, photographer, pianist, and lover of Creation. All the photos shared in this post are her stunning work.  She writes… When I saw the Facebook post that I had been randomly selected in Kristin’s drawing, I actually chuckled out […]