Recovering AA Member

Everyone has at least one of these people in their life (maybe more…all the more pity, my friend); you know who I’m referring to. That one person who feels the need to correct or critique your life, as if your words and actions were an open invitation for their opinion. Didn’t say something just right? […]

Where Am I?

It seems only natural in January to talk about identity and evaluating goals and all that not-so-fun stuff. Starting a new class session with 29 students–most of them older than me–I hear a lot of comments like, “I never thought this is where I’d be.” As is fitting to the online flexibility, many of my […]

Who Me?

My four-year-old man-child is going through this bizarre phase right now. He pretends to have disabilities, exploring his world through a different lens. Yesterday, he slipped both arms inside his shirt and proclaimed himself limbless, but his recent fascination has him experimenting with blindness. He closes his eyes and feels around for his fork, his […]

Becoming the Weak

My youngest nephew isn’t one yet, but his chunky little legs endeavor to get him around from point A to point B. He pulls himself up and coasts on furniture, but his body hasn’t yet grasped how to take steps. Even so, every time he stumbles, he learns something about gravity, balance, and endurance. And with that […]

Vests and Black Sheep

I’m reading a book and connecting to a sister that can relate to some of my raw, hidden wounds. Suddenly, I’m in  Mrs. Powell’s 6th-grade class a, proud of wearing my new purple silk shirt with a vest; I feel like a princess as I admire the intricate design and deep colors and a fleeting […]

Try Harder

My mentor and I settled in with Panera coffee and classical music in the background. Truly, I love this time away from kids, away from duty, away from the nagging internal voices that demand me to try harder. Allison somehow possesses the gift of listening and challenging, all the while leaving the receiver empowered and […]