Marks of a Healthy Teenager

A hundred years ago, the term teenager wasn’t used—at least not in everyday circles. Instead, people were either children or adults, usually distinguished by marriage and/or “leaving the farm”. With the Industrial Revolution and mandatory high-school attendance, the gap years between 12 and 20 became something more significant. Now, teens could choose to go work […]

A Few Things Homeschooling Has Taught Me

I rarely write about homeschooling, even though I’m passionate about this area of our lives. Despite the world’s quick—and often ignorant –judgements on homeschooling families, I don’t want other families to feel judged or condemned from me if they choose to utilize the public or private educational vectors. Parents can parent well regardless of how […]

Getting Your Kids to Think Deeper

The things my children say–and I in response to them–would never have crossed my imagination prior to having offspring of my own. You just can’t believe the quirky quips they toss….without even trying. At lunch time last week, my youngest–and most talkative–assessed the items on his plate. “What is this orange thing here?”My response: “Um, […]