Doing Nothing

I’m reading though a book, taking notes and prepping for a possible creative-writing course for the next school year. My daughter, fixing and fiddling in the kitchen, asks her brother a question, “What’s Dad doing?” “Oh, nothing,” is his response. He returns to his drawing. “Nothing?” she asks.“Well, he’s playing chess online,” he clarifies. And […]

Deborah, Abigail, Esther, Xena, and Other Warrior Princesses, This is for You

My parents raised a good, Christian girl–a homeschooled, preacher’s kid for the first 16 years of my life (I found a lot of identity in that label). I understood the Mary and Martha illustration better than most and knew that a pure life was the highest calling. On the flip side, I was naive, easily […]

Grabbing the Unraveled Threads

Haven’t written much lately. Haven’t much felt like it. Can you relate to the mood? December brought Covid, cancelled holidays, nearly a month of quarantining and an ER and hospital stay. As soon as that “was over”, I had to jump back into work, teaching, co-op, and the kids’ schedule. I don’t think my spirit […]

Judging Motive

Laughing with her husband arm-in-arm, she seemed to waltz across the floor, red heels and curled highlights. Who wears that to the doctor’s office, let alone exudes such boisterous distraction? [I bet she takes a hundred selfies a week and spends more money on jewelry and manicures a month than I have in the last decade. Doesn’t she….

Don’t Tell Me Lies, Sweet Little Lies

A few friends in my circle have remained what I will term tier-two friends. Although we are more than acquaintances, they’ve never made it to the third level because–quite honestly–they barely share any of their heart. Despite my attempts, there’s no vulnerability or soul connection. As a person who hates small talk–talk about exhausting–I used […]