How to Respond to the “Unhealed”

This Tuesday I wrestled through one of my migraines. Nasty, hateful buggers, they are. As I’ve said before, “bad headache” doesn’t begin to cover the pain associated with one. Nausea, sensitivity to light and inability to move captures more the essence of the beast. Regretfully, I texted my mentor, “I’m not going to be able […]

Bloom Anyway

The joke around here goes something like this, “Only in Missouri can you experience all four seasons…in one week.” As I glance out our back windows, snowflakes swirl around the cherry tree blossoms and tulips in our backyard. Bizarre. Cicero attributed gratitude as the highest form of character. From our thankful hearts all other virtues are birthed. […]

Give Me a Break

Zip through a couple of days that I’d label unsuccessful and the idea of making any more decisions almost seems overwhelming.  What book should we study next? Where do you want to meet tomorrow? What time? Do you want one cookie or two? What kind of hot tea do you want? Seriously. I can’t go there right […]