To See Through Me To Something More Glorious

Scientific Name : Diphylleia grayi This flower is called a skeleton flower because its petals turn crystal clear when they make contact with water. When dry, the flower is white in color! When the Living Water of Christ pours over our lives, we become transparent and clear. People can see through our flaws to something […]

The Who We Talk To

As is typical at dinner time, we ask the kids, “Who wants to pray tonight?” Most nights we get one or two hands, but Monday night, all three hands shot up in response. Letting them take turns, we listen to their endearing gratitude for soft beds and sunshine and playground time with friends. (My mom […]

Our Last Resort

The last few weeks, I’ve explored some alternative help for some issues going on in my family.  Dealing with some re-occurring obstacles makes a parent desperate for assistance. When our actions seem to make matters worse, we want some outside perspective from those who are more equipped than us. Now, God created us for community; He grants insight […]