The Wonder of Courage

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” –G. K. Chesterton Okay, not another “war” post about fighting, Kristin. Seriously. We get the analogy already. Sorry, I write from my experiences, and wherever my heart is, I explore (even if the […]

Weapons of War: Fighting the Enemy of Destruction

Sunday, June 11th, my middle child takes the plunge–quite literally–and testifies to his whole church community that he is a believer. His willingness to act in courageous obedience defies his personality and also activates questions in his younger brother. Throughout this week, Corbin and I have dialogued about Jesus and salvation and Heaven and all […]

The Who We Talk To

As is typical at dinner time, we ask the kids, “Who wants to pray tonight?” Most nights we get one or two hands, but Monday night, all three hands shot up in response. Letting them take turns, we listen to their endearing gratitude for soft beds and sunshine and playground time with friends. (My mom […]

Our Last Resort

The last few weeks, I’ve explored some alternative help for some issues going on in my family.  Dealing with some re-occurring obstacles makes a parent desperate for assistance. When our actions seem to make matters worse, we want some outside perspective from those who are more equipped than us. Now, God created us for community; He grants insight […]

Getting Honest

As my kids are all under the age of 10, honesty isn’t at a deficit in our house. My three-year-old may occasionally fib about eating an extra piece of candy or breaking his brother’s Legos, but for the most part, my children tell me exactly what happened. I realize teenagers are more prone to deception or silence, […]