Renewing Spiritual Perspective

Find a moment to be still, to listen, to reset the lens and focus on the truth of our real identity and purpose.

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Finding Holistic Health

We can't separate mind, body, and spirit. So what we feed our souls impacts our bodies and what we feed our bellies affects our spirits. Find tips and resources to help live a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

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Inspiring Relationships

Whether you are a spouse, parent, or friend, I hope to encourage you to live more present and involved in the community God has placed around you.

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My Goal

I write because I need to write. Practicing pen to paper allows me to process what the Lord is teaching me, hopefully transferring truths from my head to my heart.

Since I'm passionate about walking with Jesus, homeschooling my kids, theology, creative writing, healthy living, and walking out my faith within the community, I will discuss a wide range of topics.

I hope you can find something to encourage and motivate you forward in your own journey.


If You Want...

Feel free to contact me if there's a topic you'd like me to explore.


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