Does God Ever Honor Lying?

Like most parents, I detest sin in my children, but more than any other grievance, I can’t abide lying. For one, it makes trust nearly impossible, and when it comes from my kids, it demonstrates a deep selfishness and irresponsibility. Although our culture readily embraces deception as a way to “get ahead,” Scripture clearly states […]

If You Are Hurting: the Point of Pain

My daughter’s teeth are overcrowded,  coming in at angles instead of straight. Because of her young age, her dentist recommended she start using a myobrace (think retainer on steroids) at night and for one hour during the day. Having a great aversion to pain and all things uncomfortable, she will still have nights of tears. […]

Christmas Gifts for Kids: Book List Recommendations

If you need a few more ideas for your kids, nieces/nephews, or grands this Christmas, I’m posting some books I’ve read and enjoyed. Tricia Goyer, author (of fiction and non-fiction) and homeschool mom has written this historical account in easy-to-digest sections, transforming events in the minds of readers to the remarkable–and sometimes miraculous–times God intervened […]